Escapes was born out of a true passion for exploring the world and experiencing different cultures in every way possible. Our founders, Princess Lulua Al Saud and Princess Noura Al Saud, inherited a deep love of travel from the moment they were born. Travel was an influential and ingrained part of their lives throughout both of their upbringings, sewing the seed for eventually sharing this passion as friends when they grew up.

Whilst separately and together exploring the many corners of the globe, unearthing unique and incredible secrets that only the locals know about, the Princesses started to receive requests from family and friends asking for help planning their own travels. They trusted them with their tastes, knowing they would receive carefully curated and personally researched recommendations at such a bespoke level that it simply could not be found elsewhere. The Princesses knew what their clients wanted, before they even knew they needed it – an ethos that has remained paramount to Escapes Travel to this day.

Over the years, the feedback they received for planning these trips for others, was always exceptional. Encouraged by the positive words and growing volume of requests, the Princesses joined forces and set up a home-based business in 2015, to more formally assist with planning these exclusive and deeply personalised trips.

After years of growing Escapes organically via word of mouth and repeat customers, it was time to take the next step. A chance encounter with family friend on a flight to Aspen provided the opportunity of taking the business to the next level. After this, in 2016 the Dubai HQ opened and the company’s first hire was made. The aim of creating a global brand to create memorable and meaningful experiences for people all around the world, was starting to become a reality.

The Escapes Travel founding family was finally complete a short while later when the CEO of a Dubai-based marketing and creative agency, joined the company. This brought additional professional expertise and the much-desired creative flare into the business.

Still headquartered in Dubai, with offices in Riyadh and London, Escapes Travel is now a 360-degree luxury travel operator, creating bespoke travel experiences with an exceptional eye for detail that is unmatched in the market.

Escape Travel’s vision is to continue to grow a company of true experts with in-depth, first-hand experience of a plethora of destinations, from either living in or travelling extensively throughout those countries. From this team of experts, Escapes Travel will continue to draw on its heritage of curating real, unique and bespoke travel experiences of the highest quality, in unparalleled luxury. 


Experience the luxury of handcrafted travel. Embark on a series of exclusive memories where every detail is curated to your individual desires.


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Our team prides itself in providing an unmatched, bespoke service for all your travel needs. We tailor our services to our client’s needs, so if you are wondering about anything at all, simply ask…


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